Collecting some hopefully useful resources to help students and practioners of information security


We have:

  • some blog posts and articles
  • a few rules and scripts for testing, on github
  • some files, including
    • mirrors of a few useful resources, like POC || GTFO and the material from some excellent books
    • example worksheets and diagrams (CC-BY): Triage questions and event analysis
    • the sample fkit distribution
  • notes and slides for workshops, study groups
  • The DFIR Notebooks paper (from which the name and the logo), published by SANS and on GitHub

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Credit and thanks

  • GitHub Pages, Jekyll
  • @remotephone for helpful posts and examples:
    • https://remotephone.github.io/2016/12/19/Installing_Jekyll_For_Security_Admins.html
  • @barryclark for tutorial and Jekyll Now repo:
    • https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2014/08/build-blog-jekyll-github-pages/