Development Planning 2024

Some thoughts and links about some of the things I’m thinking about for professional development and education for the year

This looks like an awful lot of courses

  • Seminar series and book club from Threat Intel Dot Academy
  • review a SANS core course to update and refresh skills
    • which course is TBD
    • probably Netwars run too
  • helping with ICS4ICS workforce development
    • maybe complete my first credential there too
  • OffSec: PEN-200 this year, starting soon
  • DFIR.Training / Brett S. (is back)
  • Security Architecture course and certification ($work)
  • Investigation Theory (AND) group study ($work)
  • Antisyphon course (possibly)

leadership and comms

$dayjob leader has some ideas about courses and seminars

  • Do more writing/educating/presenting
    • apply to present (CFP)s
    • present & share (brown bags)
    • posts & articles, quick shares
  • more / better mentoring

Somewhat inspired by previous years’ plans. Feedback appreciate or just share what you are learning!

Written on March 1, 2024