Email Input

Notes on email-based file submission to analysis platforms



Send a file attachment. mail -s'bark bark issue' adric@marie < /etc/issue

Proved with mutt the message and file get mime-encoded and attached, replied with more files, works.




$ /path/to/file2analyze

##Viper Viper API docs, show how to use REST endpoint and curl for file submission

$ curl -F file=@FILE -F tags='foo,bar' -X POST


Probably via services, or will need to integrate with them for ingest processing


And Mongo is likely involved, as SQLite is for Mastiff and Viper

sudo docker run --name docker_mongo -p 27017:27017 -v /cases/crits-data:/data/db -d mongo:latest --auth
sudo docker run --name crits --link docker_mongo:mongo -p 8443:8443 -e MONGO_USER=crits -e MONGO_PASSWORD=password -d auxsec/crits_services
Written on January 10, 2017