GIFAR's Magic Mimes Filed in 8 by 3

GIFAR’s Magic Mimes Filed in 8 by 3: File types, identification techniques, and their weaknesses to attack

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File types? How do computers tell what kind of thing something is? How do analysts identify artifacts? What vulnerabilities do these techniques have? a few examples: live and raw bytes of common files types: html/xml/text pl/py/rb/sh png, PDF, gif, jpg, bmp exe, doc, elf, pe avi, mov, flv jar/zip/docx, tar html and xml - structured text pl/py/rb/sh- script text PDF, png - vector and raster graphics exe, ELF, PE – programs and binaries, and a doc avi, mov, flv - video containers jar/zip/docx/tar - archives

the basic schemes file name & extensions (trust it) file metadata (tag it) file(1) magic (check it) What about icons? file name & extensions (trust it) Eight dot three [short title] . [three letter extension] Extensions determine type for Win, Mac! VFAT LFN kludge Progra~1/goodfile.exe ? Docume~1/ ? file metadata (tag it) resource forks and EAs Classic Macintosh, OS/2 ResEdit etc could change rsrc NTFS ADS is used for this sometimes MIME type tags and headers BeOS filesystem (and OpenBFS) the WWW and email

file magic (check it) “file tests each argument in an attempt to classify it.” “There are three sets of tests, performed in this order: filesystem tests, magic tests, and language tests.” “The first test that succeeds causes the file type to be printed.” manual page for file(1) file magic example checks file magic example
What about icons? How is all of this used? Optimizations, shortcuts Exceptions to security policy In automated and manual file analysis for intelligence, triage, and response Oh and by Attackers! Usage: Optimization Apache may try to compress text, html, but not PNG,GIF

Usage: Exceptions to policy as configured in HIDS/NIDS : MSSE/SAV exclude from scan: “.jar,.dll” WAF / IPS policy : Disallow requests to “*.cgi, *.pl” for application security : Gmail used to forbid exe files as attachments Usage: In file analysis Prioritize analysis, triage artifacts by file extension forensics tools may organize files by extension as well as by determined type Carvers look for file typed data runs in evidence Some tools only accept certain file types: annubis, virustotal, truman, gfi , etc May accept exe or sometimes APK, URLs
Basic Deceptions Lies

Simple mutations

Deceptions: Lies Windows hides extensions by default:

You can change extension/name To easily hide file types in Windows: Deceptions: Lies (2) Deceptions: Simple mutations to evade detection: Compression Zip it, RAR it, tar it up: changes headers and name Packing Various utilities disguise executable or intent UPX, JavaScript, PHP packers / obfuscators Encoding MIME, Base64, ROT13 or uuencode for transmission Transcoding Change image or video type by re-encoding Deceptions: magic tricks Is this a GIF? GIF98a [other binary data] [and then GIF palette here]<?php readfile(‘/etc/passwd’); ?>[more binary data]

Deceptions: magic tricks: jar + jpeg Polyglots are multiple file types, maybe? exhibit properties of multiple file types: Abuse magic signatures Multiple headers for multiple parsers More than one EOF? Release the GIFAR! Other published polyglots, chimera POC||GTFO 2013- Many (all?) journal PDFs have multiple formats Zipped contents, bootable disks, a Nintendo game … 0x14 PDF has its MD5 hash on the cover page “Jack Of All Formats”: @dan_crowley SOURCE 2011 Apache multiple handling of File.en.php.png Functioning PDF / 7Zip archive, WinRAR / JPEG! JaCK : Valid PNG with PHP backdoor “Funky File Formats” Ange Albertini @corkami 31C3 (2014) Multi-polyglots, file format abuses + crypto Questions?

How do your systems identify file types and how much do you trust it? Are there vulnerabilities in your systems related to these techniques? Bonus: How did Sun and Google fix the vulns behind GIFAR?

Next steps Static artifact analysis is one facet of forensic file analysis and reverse engineering. Awesome books, courses include: Practical Malware Analysis -> Malware Analysis Cookbook ->-> Life Of Binaries (from -> SANS FOR610 “Reverse Engineering Malware” and GREM More Polyglots and Chimera

Many examples and attack scenarios @dan_crowley’s SOURCE 2011 prez “Jack of all Formats” slideshare

Ange Albertini @corkami has done lots of work here, check out his 31C3 “Funky File Formats” prez slides

And of course POC   GTFO

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Written on July 21, 2017