Study Plan '21

Nearly half-way through a busy year I think I know what I’m working on … especially after dropping out of college again after trying it again for a couple years. I’m dividing up my time and attention mostly between the two skillsets that I’ve used so far and see myself continuing to use at $dayjob and beyond.


  1. Hacking skills development and practice
  2. Technical program and organisational skills
  3. languages usw.


  • renewed GSE and refreshed a library of SANS courses to go (back) through
    • more top-notch analysis, malware, forensics, and data analytics material than I could work through in any year
  • Red Team Ops class, book, labs and resulting experiments
  • continued grinding at Proving Grounds, TryHackMe and perhaps a CTF

Program Devel

  • MGT514 and GSTRT
  • select conference talks and workshops, like #PurpleTeamSummit
  • more TBD


  • python ?
    • CircuitPython & other Adafruit stuff
    • pandas courses, eg from Matt Harrison (Metasnake):
  • gentle pressure on 日本語, ta Hol, Cyril, Hanguel, y otras amigas
  • random operating system and dev tool installs, pretty likely
Written on May 27, 2021